c21’s Expecting a big success at Edinburgh Deaf Festival August 2023

c21’s critically acclaimed show Expecting was a huge hit at the 2023 Edinburgh Deaf Festival, which is a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The company had initially performed to a preview audience of Expecting in the Black Box theatre, Belfast before its transfer to the Scottish capital. The show went on to receive excellent reviews:

‘The play triumphs in a search for honesty and openness that is never less than poignant, compelling or both’  – c21’s Expecting ‘beautifully contrasts the desire for individual attainment and enrichment against the natural reality of familial reasonability and communal legacy’– Simon Fallaha.

A full four star review from the Fringe an be found here:


The performance was a first for a Northern Irish company to take this kind of accessible theatre to the newly established Edinburgh Deaf Festival. We hope to give access to wider audiences and share this kind of accessible work. c21’s

Creative Director Stephen Kelly explained:

‘Having had the opportunity to produce Expecting in Belfast and Edinburgh throughout 2023 was incredible.  To engage with both the deaf and hearing communities has given us a real taste for this kind of theatre.  It’s integrated and accessible and we want to continue.’

Check out the audience feedback from The MAC Belfast world premiere performance in May 2023: