Lucy and the Dream Catcher – The Night Before Christmas  By Pamela Cassells

It’s the night before Christmas and after a lot of excitement and a little bit of ‘magic’ Lucy finally drifts off to sleep but her sleep is short lived!

Lucy suddenly awakes from her slumber to find herself trapped in her dream.  She is dazed and confused, but also intrigued.  She has always wondered what lies beyond her shoebox bedroom; so is this a chance to find out?


She lets the night lead her onwards, but she has no idea on what she is about to embark on. Lucy meets the wise old ‘Man on the Moon’ who has been waiting on her.  He explains she is the chosen one and she has to conquer the Evil Dream Catcher otherwise Christmas will be ruined and all of mankind will be trapped in this dream warp forever.  All she has to do is make it to the Morning


With the help of a few larger than life friends including Funky Punk Monk (the chimp), Purrrcilla the Purrrfect Princess cat and the very magical and mysterious Sandman.  Will they conquer the Dream catcher, save Christmas and make it to the morning in time?

After the huge success of Jack and the Beanstalk in 2014, c21 are back with another brand new Christmas show that will include original songs, colourful sets and loveable characters for all ages to enjoy!!

FEEDBACK ‘LUCY’ 2015 Christmas

Living the Dream

Lucy and the Dreamcatcher – The Night Before Christmas at The Braid Arts Centre, Ballymena provides an enjoyable festive experience for all age groups.

This spectacular production with its timeless theme of good versus evil tells a traditional tale in a modern extravaganza. The magical story transports the young Lucy (and her audience) into another world of unusual allies and friends as well as some horrid opponents. Those colourful characters (human and animal) captured the imagination immediately and held us spellbound throughout a fast moving plot which combined polished acting, dramatic dance routines, atmospheric music and a touch of humour. The visually exciting costumes and an effectively simple set enhance some memorable moments of theatre.

This play with music and singing evoked an immediate and enthusiastic response but it works on so many levels that it leaves you with plenty to think and talk about afterwards. Well worth a visit!!! Mary H – English teacher

“The show is magical and the kids loved every minute. What a beautiful ending” –  Principal Clough PS Fri 11th Dec.

Brilliant show Stephen and Pamela. Priscilla, Lucy and Funky Monkey were big hits in our visit today . Bronagh McAuley – Audience member

They loved it.  Huge success!! One Downs Syndrome pupil Jonathan was enthralled. Totally!! Absolutely!!!

He was totally transfixed, my colleague said she had never seen him respond so amazingly, he was shushing in all the quiet bits and acting scared in the scary bits!!

Regards to wonderful cast!

Teacher at Castle Tower Ballymena Thursday 10th Dec 2015.

Feedback from pupils

‘I would give this show 1000 out of 10!’ – P3 Pupil
’Purcilla the Persian Queen was my favourite!’ – P4 Pupil

‘I loved Lucy and Darence was very scary’ – P1 Pupil

‘This was a fantastic performance! Loved Funky Punk the Monkey’ – Teacher

‘The singing and choreography was the best I’ve heard & seen in a long time’ Well done c21! – Teacher