Stand Up Man

Stand Up Man follows Thaddeus McGuinn, played by Nick Hardin, a stand-up comedian who is one joke away from a mental breakdown. Disgraced ex-altar boy, Thaddeus, is about to face his toughest audience ever, his own sins. The play focuses on Thaddeus over one week, as he journeys back and forth between his audience and his family.

Well known Northern Ireland actor, comedian and TV personality, Tim McGarry played a main role as Thaddeus’ alter ego as he visits his past and admits the errors of his way. This was McGarry’s first serious theatre role after a successful, long-running career in comedy, radio and TV.

The play is written by Dublin born playwright Derek Murphy who now lives in New York and produced by c21 Theatre Company from Belfast, led by producer Stephen Kelly and directed by Stephen Beggs.

The play also starred Kevin Patrick Keenan as Buster and Cathy Brennan-Bradley as Maggie.