c21 Thetre Company Three Women

3 Women

Set in “a maternity ward and round about”, and written in verse, it steers clear of the clinical details of birth, instead reflecting the women’s states of mind, and the realities of pregnancy. The women contend, in interwoven monologues, with aspects of motherhood and childlessness: birth, miscarriage, and enforced adoption.

Peter Quigley whose theatre work is well known and respected throughout Northern Ireland and the three actresses Peter chose, from over sixty who auditioned for the parts are Abigail McGibbon, Kerri Quinn and Cat Barter directs the production.

Award-winning international musical dramatist Conor Mitchell from Co. Armagh has written an original score for viola based on themes in the play and viola player Andrea Rea will be an exciting addition to this production.

DIRECTOR: Peter Quigley
WRITER: Sylvia Plath
CAST: Abigail McGibbon, Kerri Quinn and Cat Barter