'Through The Glass'
The Reminiscence Project

Creatively interacting with care home residents stimulating conversations and
encouraging them to share stories from their past

'You’ll laugh, snigger and howl,
but most of all you’ll think'

'Dream, Sleep, Connect deports itself with
intermingled sharp absurdity and pointed topicality '

'Growing old in an intelligent
albeit droll way'

'Expressing the true emotions of frustration at being stuck in the care home
with a warmth and a wit through a relaxed and charismatic performance'

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c21 is a Northern Irish touring theatre company that champions new stories with an eye to international audiences and festivals

Thought provoking and memorable!

c21 was founded in 2005. The company started out as a touring theatre organisation and quickly built a reputation in Northern Ireland as a small company of great force. To this day the vision remains intact, and we continue to provide audiences with high quality theatre that is easily accessed and regularly tours nationally and more recently internationally.

Our Productions

c21 is proud to have produced a wide range of theatre projects over the last 15 years. We continue to work with local creatives including producers, directors, writers and actors.

Our Supporters

We are very grateful for the funding and support from our sponsors and funders.

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National Lottery Community Fund

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