A MIdsummer’s Night Dream

After the success of Romeo and Juliet in 2013, c21 brings Shakespeare’s clever comedy to the stage in the autumn.

This new adaptation, directed by Arthur Webb, and specially edited for schools and lovers of the Bard’s language, captures all the essence of love, intrigue and humour and is performed by a cast of six talented actors.

The play contains some strong, courtly, confused lovers, a band of good-hearted thespian workmen and some vengeful punk fairies but with the help of some love juice, an ass’s head, a wall and a lion, the domestic squabbles in the forest of Athens, are magically resolved and the play ends with celebration and marriage. Don’t miss c21’s new and exciting ‘Dream’ production.


Adrian Cooke
Ruth Jennings
Richard Priestly
Thomas Martin
Megan Armitage
Gerard McCabe


Stage Manager – Sophie Duffin
ASM – Zoe Bailey-Wood
Director – Arthur Webb
Producer – Stephen Kelly