Stitched Up by Rosemary Jenkinson

We do not have a situation that is a crisis in emergency departments across Northern Ireland’ – Edwin Poots.

Stitched Up is an entertaining satirical drama about the current crisis within the NHS. A surgeon, Aidan, is reaching meltdown with his career.

His wife, Kate, is meanwhile preoccupied with her own campaign to remove the peace walls around Belfast, not to mention the arrival of Bono! But one night when Aidan is alone, he is forced to make a life-or-death decision that could change everything.


‘Stitched Up’ by Rosemary Jenkinson Feb/March 2015

“Strongly written drama with a timely message presented at the Lyric by a young cast that is both attractive and compellingly watchable. A fine all-round example of the wonderful talent our drama scene in Northern Ireland is producing. Do catch ‘Stitched Up’ either in Belfast or when it goes on tour”

Author/Travel Writer Colin McAlpin

The actors were all excellent, with Richard Clements’ wiry and frazzled surgeon a warm and believable central figure. Roisin Gallagher has the most to do, weaving around Clements, sparking off him, and acquits herself well, getting most of the laughs as well as most of the dramatic flashpoints.

Culture NI

With a dose of struggle, a helping of ambition, a portion of comedy and a extra slathering of audience satisfaction, ‘Stitched Up’ really is the ‘Nigella’ of Theatre. ***** 5 Stars

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